Who are we ?
It’s difficult to explain in a few lines, let’s try it anyhow.
Simply we are two guys with two different kind of lives,
And one history in common : the surf.
As a matter of fact BOARDY.IT was born by our desire of surfing ,
With the purpose to carry what we really like and what make us unique even in our job dimension.
It’s a special work that we do for several years with real passion from which we seek to derive satisfactions.
That kind of satisfaction that keep us on the wave of pursuing and realizing our dreams.
The two of us are working in parallel but always with different and personal ways hooked by the same ambiences : water , snow and air …important elements for life.
Alessandro and Valerio are our names: friends since our birth and surf lovers since our first wave.
The feelings of catching waves give us always unique and unforgettable trips.
We grew up together and we got involved into the surf mood influencing each other more and more…until now that after 20 years this wonderful sport has become our reason of life.
The name Boardy wants to indicate that is not just about surfboarders but it’s extended to other cool sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding.
In a few words this website , with its products , will carry you ,swimming,in a different dimension.
We’ll try to show you something different with new shades, without forgetting about quality, which remains always.
So don’t hesitate : enter in BOARDY.IT open a new account and browse the catalogue. You won’t regret it. It will have changes and updates so you have to remember to take a look at the NEWS LETTER.
At this point we just wish you a good sailing aboard of BOARDY.IT !!